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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Love::: Nicole & Colton {Lancaster, Pa Wedding Photographer}

After taking that last photo, giving well wishes, saying goodbyes, and then packing up all the gear, my mind automatically runs through the day that I was able to stop in time and capture with my camera. All the stories, laughs, stressful moments, refections, times of thanksgiving, joys, tears, and the new memories in the…Read More

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Life ::: Week one in Instagram

Today concludes my first week in the commercial division of Jeremy Hess Photographers — where I’ll be focusing my creative efforts. Our diverse client mix of retirement communities, legal professionals, arts organizations, healthcare providers, publications & magazines, small business owners and so much more is bound to offer an exciting mix of stories to tell…Read More

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Life::: Why We Do What We Do

We were at the studio talking recently and Jeremy encouraged me to share some of the images that I have captured of my wife and 5 children over the past few months.  I wanted to share these images with you because they are some of my favorites of my family – but more than just…Read More

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Love::: Samantha & Zach {Lancaster, Pa Wedding Photographer}

Ladies and Gents, I would love to time this time and introduce you to Sam & Zach. A new legacy starting where a handsome New Jersey boy found himself traveling down to Florida to attend college, no idea thats where he would fall in love with a sweet florida girl. We decided to meet out…Read More

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Love::: Caitlin & Christopher {Lancaster, PA Wedding Photographers}

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of capturing Caitlin and Chris’s wedding. The wedding, start to finish was elegant and family oriented. The Ceremony was right beside our State’s Capital building at Pine Street Presbyterian Church. I’ve been to a lot of gorgeous churches in my lifetime, but this church was simply incredible….Read More

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